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Give your home or business the gorgeous lawn you've always dreamed of with the help of Seasonal Property Services. Our team brings a green thumb and years of expertise to our lawn care division. We  will provide your lawn with the precise care and customized treatments it needs for green, weed-free, pest-free grass. Our team custom-tailors our services for every client and every lawn. By fine-tuning our care for Minnesota seasons we deliver the most effective and reliable lawn care services in the Cambridge and surrounding  areas. We make it easy to give your lawn the care and attention it needs for fuller, healthier growth. 

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Jumpstart your lawn’s health and appearance today with a free, no-obligation quote. Whether it's keeping your lawn mown to the perfect, healthy height, cleaning up debris in the spring or leaves in the fall, or aerating to prepare for winter, we're the experts - and it shows. Seasonal Property Services will ensure that your lawn will remain beautiful and lush, year after year and through every season. Call us today!

Beautiful Lawn is a Process


Aerating Cambridge MN

By taking a half inch plug out when aerating your turfs nutrients are able to penetrate the deep roots of the grass. The dirt plugs that are pulled out are adding new nutritious soil on top of the grass in turn prepping that grass for the winter to come.


Seeding Cambridge MN

When you over seed after aerating, that seed is able to have good soil-to-seed contact creating a good environment for the seed to grow so next year you're able to have a thick green lawn!


Fertilizing Cambridge MN

Along with picking up leaves in the fall, aerating your law, over seeding and fertilizing is key to having a thick and healthy lawn the following year. Be proactive and get in touch with us for a free quote so you can have great looking lawn in the spring!